Frontline Combo for Extra Large Dogs, Red, Over 40 Kg (Over 88lbs)

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Frontline Combo for Extra Large Dogs, Red,  Over 40 Kg (Over 88lbs)

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Frontline Combo is a monthly topical flea and tick treatment for dogs and puppies. It provides effective flea control by rapidly killing 100% fleas and ticks within 48 hours of administration. It kills adult fleas, flea larvae, flea eggs, paralysis ticks, brown dog ticks and biting lice found on dogs. It protects the pet from re-infestations as the treated animal kills and eliminates fleas found in the environment.

With strong ovicidal, larvicidal and acaricidal effect, Frontline Combo attacks intermediate life stages of flea lifecycle and thus prevents re-infestations. It protects the dog from various flea and tick borne diseases. With it parasiticidal properties, it reduces chances of Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) and saves the pet from painful biting lice.

Repeating Frontline Combo treatment every month protects your dog against parasitic diseases. It is suitable for all breeds of dogs and 8 weeks and older puppies. It is waterproof and remains effective even if the pet gets wet but make sure to wet your pet only after 48 hours of application.

Note: Due to Boehringer Ingelheim’s acquisition of Merial Animal Health, the product packs may have varied manufacturer’s name according to the available stock.

Manufacturer Merial / Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Effectively kills fleas, flea egg, flea larvae and pupa. By impeding the growth of the life cycle, it prevents re-infestations.
  • Controls and reduces chances of Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD).
  • Kills all stages of life cycle found over the pet and the surroundings.
  • Fast acting, long-lasting treatment that controls flea re-infestations.
  • By eliminating ticks especially paralysis ticks, it protects the pet from various tick born diseases that can be fatal in severe cases.
  • It is suitable to use on puppies over 8 weeks of age, breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs.
  • Consult a veterinarian for treating sick and debilitated dogs.

Frontline Combo is available in four packs – Frontline Combo for small dogs (2 – 10 kg), Frontline Combo for medium dogs (10 – 20 kg), Frontline Combo for large dogs (20 – 40 kg) and Frontline Combo for extra large dogs (>40 kg). Weigh your dog and choose the pack according to the weight.

Allow the dog to stand comfortably. Part the fur between the shoulder blades where the dog cannot lick. Open the Frontline Combo pipette; place the tip of the pipette directly on the skin and squeeze out the content such that the pipette is empty.

Apply at one or two spots and empty the content in the skin. It will spread over the recipient’s body within 24 hours. Till then do not allow the pet to get wet. After 24 hours, Frontline Combo becomes water fast. Still, it is advisable not to bath or swim the pet until 48 hours of application.

To keep your pet parasite free, repeat treatment every month preferably on the same date.

Ingredients Fipronil; (S)methoprene
  • It is specially designed for dogs so, do NOT use on cats.
  • Do NOT groom or stroke the pet after applying Frontline Combo.
  • Do not touch the application site until it is completely dry.
  • It results in temporary itching or redness in few cases. If the signs persist, immediately consult a veterinarian.
  • Do NOT apply to dogs with hypersensitivity to alcohol, insecticides or any of the key ingredients.
  • Do NOT allow children to play with the pet until the application site is dry.
  • Do NOT wash the pet for 48 hours after applying Frontline Combo.
  • Keep away from the pet’s eyes and mouth as it can cause irritation in mucous membrane and eyes.
  • Wash your hands and exposed skin thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Keep away from children, edible things and animal feeds.
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Killed 100% Fleas Within Hrs!

Killed 100% Fleas Within Hrs!

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The Best Combo Ever!

The Best Combo Ever!

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Top Notch

Top-Notch Solution For Fleas !

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Best Buy

A Very Effective Product, Safe And Affordable As Compared To Other Local Ineffective Ones.

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Super Awesome

The Combo Is So Good. Awesome And Superb.

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