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Flevox for Cats for Cats

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Flevox Spot-On for Dogs – Flea and Lice Treatment

Flevox for Cats is a powerful and durable flea and tick treatment. It provides long lasting protection against fleas, lice and ticks. The spot-on is highly effective in eliminating fleas and controlling flea population. It treats ticks and prevents tick infested diseases including Lyme disease. The monthly treatment remains effective for up to 4 weeks against new flea infestations. Flevox kills newly arriving fleas within 48 hours.

Flevox Spot-On for Cats – Topical Tick Treatment

Flevox for Cats is a topical flea treatment. It is made with renowned ingredient – Fipronil. The active ingredient eliminates fleas and ticks by triggering the function of nervous system. This leads to the destruction of parasites. Flevox comes in easy-to-administer, simple pipette. Flevox is both safe and effective. It does not have known side effects. When used regularly, it prevents infestations.





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26 Nov ,2018

Trying it

My favorite place to buy all the pet products. I normally buy other treatments but buying flevox for the first time for my kitty. Let's see


14 Jun ,2018

Recommended for tick infestation

I have used it on my pet twice and both the times, found ticks falling off from his coat.

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Flevox for Cats

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