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Droncit Spot-On for Cats

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Droncit for Cats – Topical Dewormer

Droncit Spot-On is used for the treatment of the tapeworms in cats. Being a Spot-On solution, Droncit is a topical dewormer easy to apply on cats. The product is effective against Echinococcus multilocularis, Diylidium caninum and Taenia. The treatment needs to be applied with the identification of the first signs of the tapeworm which may also occur due to lack of control on intermediate host such as fleas.

Applying Droncit Spot-On that has praziquantel is highly effective in removing Echinococcus multiloculairs and eliminates tapeworms encompassing mature and immature forms of Dipylidium caninum and Taenia species from the small intestine of the infected cats. This product can be used on different sized cat although the doses may vary. After the application, the dewormer starts working and eliminates tapeworms from the system and is safe for the cats.





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Mar 29, 2020

Quality Product

Quality Product, Best Prices


Feb 24, 2020

droncit spot on

easy to dose and quick to act.

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Droncit Spot-On

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