Malacetic Conditioner Spray

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Malacetic Conditioner Spray for Cats

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Dechra Malacetic Conditioner –Skin Treatment for Dogs and Cats

Malacetic Conditioner is a pleasant smelling formula for leaving skin and coat of dogs and cats smooth. It treats mild bacterial, fungal and yeast skin infections. It can be used for localized cleansing in areas such as the inter-digital webs, especially during yeast or bacterial infections have been identified. The topical treatment is a fresh, green apple scented mist for the skin and hair coat. It should be used after shampoo for glossy skin and coat. The topical formula improves hair texture and leaves it pleasant smelling and smooth.

Malacetic Conditioner for Dogs and Cats

Malacetic Conditioner is a natural apple scented conditioner. It contains boric acid and acetic acid along with moisturizing factors and fatty acids. The essential ingredients provide skin nutrition, treats and prevent mild bacterial, fungal and yeast skin conditions. The spray form is easy to use and apply on dogs and cats. It can be used on both dry and wet hair of your pet.


Acetic acid, Boric acid



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Jun 15, 2020

easy to use

after shampooing, we normally use this spray, it helps greatly in keeping the skin smooth


May 12, 2020

Best conditioner

One of the best products for Dogs with dry skin and scales

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Malacetic Conditioner Spray

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