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Avert Bitter Solution for Horses

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Avert Bitter Solution for Dogs, Cats, Horses and Birds

Avert Bitter Solution is the most popular bitterant spray to control chewing and licking wounds or protected area. It is an exclusive aversion agent that discourages the inhalation or licking of the substances used as treatments for wounds or injuries. It also controls unnecessary excessive licking or chewing of some parts. Avert bitter solution is not only useful in discouraging dogs and cats from licking protected areas but also prevents birds from feather plucking and horses from crib-biting or wind sucking. The non –toxic bitterant spray is both safe for birds, dogs and cats, and easy to use.

Avert Bitter Solution – World’s Bitter Solution for Dogs and Cats

Avert Bitter Solution is an advanced bitterant for dogs, cats, horses and birds. It contains Denatonium benzoate – a type of bitter ingredient, amalgamated with bitter orange oil and eucalyptus oil. The extremely bitter solution discourages animals from attempting to lick treated surfaces. The alcohol-based solution ensures fast evaporation from bandages and dressings, leaving them dry but impregnated with the active ingredients. The spray aids wound treatment.


Denatonium benzoate, together with bitter orange oil and eucalyptus oil


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07 Sep ,2018

Controls crib-biting and wind sucking in horses

The bitterant spray has played a key role in controlling crib-biting and wind sucking which was earlier quite common in case of my horse Johnny. It certainly works wonders!


19 Jun ,2018

So good

His habit of licking his hooves has faded completely.

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Avert Bitter Solution

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