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Tylobiotic for Pigeon & Caged Birds

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Tylobiotic Powder – Antibiotic Treatment for Racing Pigeons and Birds

Tylobiotic Powder is a premium treatment designed for pigeons and birds. The powder-based formula treats Mycoplasmosis – a chronic respiratory disease in pigeons and birds. Tylobiotic is designed uniquely such that it minimizes the risk of health conditions caused due to the overdosing of Tylocin during the treatment. It is safe for birds and pigeons and has no known possible side effects. Tylobiotic Powder is easy to dose and highly effective.

Tylobiotic Powder – Antibiotic/Vitamin Treatment

Tylobiotic is an antibiotic vitamin formulation for pigeons and birds. It contains Tylosine Tartrate, Nicotinamide and calcium combined with vitamins. The major ingredients acts on Mycoplasmosis and treats the disease. The added vitamins in the treatment aid to overcome stress and support recovery. Tylobiotic is designed uniquely such that the danger of overdosing Tylocin is lowered.


Tylosine Tartrate, Vitamin: A, D3, K3, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, Nicotinamide, Calcium



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03 Dec ,2018

First timer

I m a first time user. Bought this one recently. Will come back once I find it's worth trying. Thanks


21 Jun ,2018

Safe to use

My bird had respiratory troubles from a month or so. Now she is normal. Tylobiotic really worked amazingly.

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