Cleanaural for Dogs

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Cleanaural for Dogs

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Cleanaural Ear Drops for Dogs

Cleanaural is an ideal solution for the routine cleansing and removal of ear wax and debris from dog’s ears. Cleanaural is an effective ear cleaner that helps in regular cleansing. It is specially recommended to use in acute, recurrent and chronic otitis externa. The pH balanced solution prevents microbial activity. Cleanaural solution is gentle on ears and does not harm sensitive dog ears.

Cleanaural Ear Solution for Dogs

Cleanaural is an ear cleansing solution for dogs. It contains various ingredients for cleansing and keeping dog’s ears clean and debris free. It is pH balanced for compatibility with the skin of the ear. The ingredients calm and soothe sensitive ears. Cleanaural comes in special bottle with easy to use soft and flexible nozzle.


Propylene glycol, isopropyl alcohol, tromethamine, citric acid, l-menthol, chlorothymol, sodium lauryl sulphate



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May 07, 2020

long ears

that long ears definitely needs a good ear solution and this does the best job


Apr 26, 2020

ear solution

it is the best ear drops for our dog

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Cleanaural for Dogs

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