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Medistatin Powder 100 Gm

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Medistatin Powder for Pigeons and Birds – Candida Treatment for Birds

Medistatin is an excellent formulation indicated for the treatment of fungal infections. It is a unique treatment where the oral powder directly comes in contact with the infection in the digestive tract and attacks it. Medistatin is a special Nystatin powder treatment that does not seep into the bloodstream. It treats fungal infections. The oral powder treats and prevents candida disease in caged birds and pigeons. When used regularly, Medistatin prevents recurring cases of candida in pigeons and birds. It is also beneficial to use on game birds and poultry. Medistatin is also safe for treating baby birds and hand reared chicks.

Medistatin for Birds

Medistatin is a special formulation designed for birds. It contains Nystatin. Medistatin is the only Nystatin powder specifically designed for pigeons and birds around the world. Nystatin is an anti-fungal agent that attacks candida organisms. The ingredient is 10 times more effective in controlling infections than the human equivalent product used. The powder is highly potent and safe to use for baby birds.





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Jun 10, 2020

It works

Tried many and failed with all of them. Our fancier friend recommended it and it helped


May 21, 2020

Highly Recommended

Highly Recommended for others who keep or Race Pigeons!!

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