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MEDPET 4 in 1 Tablets for Pigeons 100 Tablets

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Medpet 4-in-1 Tablet for Racing Pigeons

MedPet 4-in-1 Tablet is a broad spectrum treatment for birds and pigeons. It treats multiple infections including canker, E.Coli, paratyphoid and Coccidiosis in pigeons and caged birds. The scientifically proven formula is especially effective against E.coli in racing pigeons and is the ultimate treatment recommended during racing season. MedPet 4-in-1 Tablet is the best treatment when a firm diagnosis is still pending. It is safe, easy to dose and economical.

MedPet 4-in-1 Tablet for Pigeons and Caged Birds

MedPet 4-in-1 Tablet is a special formulation for treating birds and pigeons. It contains two major ingredients – Furaltadone and Ronidazole. The quality formulation treats infections and protects birds and pigeons against further harmful conditions. The tablet is easily soluble in water and acts against infections. The single treatment tablet is specially designed in small size for easy dosage.


Furaltadone, Ronidazole



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Mar 03, 2020

No fuss

The tabs are easy to give to my pet and there's no more fuss.


Feb 25, 2020

Protection from infection

It protects my bird fro getting infected.

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MEDPET 4 in 1 Tablets

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