Emtryl Soluble Powder

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Emtryl Soluble Powder for Pigeons Only

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Emtryl Powder for Pigeons – Crop Canker Treatment

Emtryl soluble powder is indicated for the treatment and prevention of Trichomomasis in pigeons. It treats crop canker and prevents any further harmful effects due to the infections. The oral treatment keeps pigeons healthy and free from infection during the racing season. The concentrated powder is highly economical as the prepared solution retains its effectiveness for 3 days. The easy to dose treatment is readily accepted and has no known side effects. When given before the onset of the season, the oral treatment effectively protects pigeons against crop canker disease.

Emtryl Soluble Powder for Pigeons

Emtryl Soluble Powder is an efficient treatment. It contains powerful ingredient – Dimetridazole. It acts on bacterial and fungal infections in pigeons. It works against Trichomoniasis. The oral treatment protects pigeons against crop canker. Emtryl powder keeps birds healthy and free from infections. It is specially recommended to use during racing and breeding season. The powder is easily soluble in water and easy to administer.





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Apr 02, 2020


Effective bird infection treatment


Mar 03, 2020

Super easy

The powder is super easy to administer my pet.

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Emtryl Soluble Powder

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