Pet Dent Toothbrush

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Pet Dent Toothbrush for Dogs/Cats

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Pet Dent Toothbrush for Dogs and Cats

Pet Dent Toothbrush is a double sided toothbrush for dogs and cats. It cleans teeth and keeps pet’s mouth fresh. It reduces the formation of plaque and tartar. Regular cleaning of pet’s teeth with Pet Dent toothbrush helps in controlling various dental issues like yellow teeth, pigmentation of teeth and other condition. It helps in removing food particles from teeth and gum line. The toothbrush is suitable to use for puppies, kittens, adult dogs and cats as well as senior dogs and cats.

Pet Dent Toothbrush for Dogs and Cats

Pet Dent Toothbrush is designed for easy brushing of dogs and cats. It is made with high quality non-toxic material. The handle is long enough for easy brushing of your dog or cat’s teeth. Pet Dent toothbrush is two-sided toothbrush for effective cleaning of teeth. The soft bristles do not harm gums and are gentle on pet’s teeth and gums. Pet Dent Toothbrush special design reaches every corner of your pet’s mouth.


High quality plastic material


Kyron Labs

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May 21, 2020

quality prouct

quality product


May 03, 2020

nothing bad

it is a perfect toothbrush for our dog

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Pet Dent Toothbrush

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