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Seresto Flea Collar for Cats

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Seresto for Cats – Flea Protection

Seresto is an effective flea collar for cats. Designed with innovative technology, the collar is a perfect blend of quality material and component. It kills fleas on cats. Seresto collar comes with a mechanism of controlled low release of active ingredients for over 8 months. Thus, it offers continuous protection against external parasites for a long period. The collar protects cats against flea infestation. Seresto Collar prevents diseases that can spread due to fleas. Seresto for cats is an odorless and non-greasy collar. It is simple to apply and comes with safety measures.

Seresto for cats contains two active ingredients – Imidacloprid and Flumethrin. The active ingredient Imidacloprid kills adult fleas and flea larvae. The other ingredient Flumethrin repels and kills adult ticks, larvae, and nymphs. Developed with safety measures, Seresto collar remains effective for up to a few months. It does not irritate the skin and safe for cats.


  • Flumethrin
  • Imidacloprid



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24 Nov ,2018

No more ticks

Zebra was badly infested with ticks. After undergoing intense treatment, I was able to remove all ticks. But no more chance for ticks to infest zebra again. I have already put her on seresto collar and it seems the collar is working on her.


27 Aug ,2018

Excellent Tick collar

I use it for my catty from last 2 year.No side effects and easy to apply.Works great.

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