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Swimmer’s Ear Solution for Dogs – Disinfectant Ear Drops

Swimmer’s solution is a special formulation for the prevention of fungal overgrowth in dog’s ear. The topical solution prevents fungal infection by changing pH level in dog’s ears. Swimmer’s ear drops dry and disinfect the ear canal. It helps in preventing ear diseases due to excess swimming. This aids in the control of fungal growth. Swimmer’s solution is highly recommended for dogs that swim a lot.

Swimmer’s Ear Drops for Dogs

Swimmer’s solution contains Glacial acetic acid, Isopropyl alcohol and water. The ingredients are potent disinfectants and aids in the treating bacterial and fungal infections. It keeps ears dry and helps maintain effective ears clean and free from micro-organisms.


Glacial acetic acid, Iso propyl alcohol


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May 21, 2020

no more swimming issues

our dog loves swimming, previously we never allowed him to go into the pool as he was prone to swimmers ears. but not recently, as we started with this solution


Apr 29, 2020

No more swimmer conditions

No more swimmer conditions

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Swimmers solution

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