Kyron Eye Wash

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Kyron Eye Wash for Dogs & Cats

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Kyron Eye Wash – Eye Solution for Dogs and Cats

Kyron is an ideal eye cleansing solution for dogs and cats. It helps in cleaning the eyes whenever required or on daily basis. It soothes the irritated eyes and leaves cooling effect. It clears vision and improves sight in dogs and cats. Kyron Eye Wash helps removes haze and improves vision. It cleans the eyes and prevents eye infection. The eye drops are safe and gentle on sensitive eyes.

Kyron Eye Wash

Kyron Eye Wash is a clinically developed eye drops for dogs and cats. It contains major ingredients - Sodium bicarbonate, Boric acid and Other cleaning agents. The components remove unwanted particles from the eyes and clear the vision. It aids in lowering haze and improves the clarity of vision. The special formulated drops are easy to apply and are non-irritating.


Sodium bicarbonate, Boric acid, Other cleaning agents


Kyron Labs

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May 28, 2020

Great product

His eyes seem clean, and I'm sure feel good (to him) as well. Great buy!


Apr 02, 2020



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Kyron Eye Wash

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