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CleanEar for Dogs

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CleanEar Ear Cleanser Drops for Dogs and cats

CleanEar Ear Cleanser is an ideal ear cleansing solution for both dogs and cats. It is a non-medicated and effective ear cleaning formula. It removes excess wax and debris. The ear drops maintain pH level in ear environment and prevent growth of bacteria and fungus due to excess moisture. The cleansing solution helps to separate dead tissue from healthy tissue in the ear canal and controls bacterial infections. CleanEar aids in the removal of debris and wax before applying antibiotics or medicated solution. It is specially recommended to remove excess wax buildup in dogs that have hairy ear canals. CleanEar ear drops are safe and non-irritating ear cleansing solution for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

CleanEar Solution – Ear Cleansing Solution for Dogs and Cats

Cleanear is a formulated by Kyron Labs. The ear cleansing solution contains ingredients such as organic acids, Propylene glycol, Docusate suspended in an aqueous base. The organic acids lower the pH level in ears. The ingredients - Propylene glycol and docusate sodium help to dry out the ear tissues, and aid to dissolve and remove wax and other secretions. Cleanear comes in easy to apply applicator. The ear cleaner is gentle on ears of dogs and cats.


Organic acids, Propylene glycol, Docusate suspended in an aqueous base.


Kyron Labs

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May 06, 2020


awesome for pet's ears. no harm or no itching


Apr 26, 2020

clean ears

having used this treatment, i can see our dog's ears are clean now

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