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Protexin Pro-Kolin+ for Dogs & Cats

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Protexin Pro-Kolin Plus – Digestive Supplement for Dogs and Cats

Protexin Pro-Kolin is an ideal digestive supplement for dogs and cats. It is clinically formulated for intestinal support and care. The probiotic formulation treats digestive upsets and responds immediately. It restores the microflora and soothes the gut lining fast. The regular treatment with Protexin Pro-Kolin helps to manage long-term gastrointestinal sensitivities. The digestive paste eliminates the harmful bacteria and maintains the friendly bacteria. Protexin settles upset stomach and reduces the chances of diarrhea and gastric troubles. The tasty paste helps firm stools and aids digestion.

Protexin Pro-Kolin Plus for Dogs and Cats

Protexin Pro-Kolin Plus is an excellent digestive remedy for dogs and cats. It consists of major ingredients such as Soya oil, Pectin, Kaolin, Preplex prebiotic (Fructo-oligosaccharide), and Dextrose. The probiotics aids in the maintenance of the necessary bacteria required in gut. Kaolin and pectin helps absorb toxins and soothe the intestinal lining. Preplex prebiotics helps to feed and stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria. The beef-flavored paste is liked by dogs and cats and is easy to administer.


Soya oil, Pectin, Kaolin, Preplex prebiotic (Fructo-oligosaccharide), Dextrose


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07 Dec ,2018

No side effects

It really does what it says. No known side effects and find it pretty beneficial.


18 Jun ,2018

Very Effective

I give this product regularly to my kitty and it works amazingly. Her digestion has improved a lot.

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Protexin Pro-Kolin+

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