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Feliway Spray

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Feliway Spray – Calming Spray for Cats

Feliway Spray is an effective calming spray for cats. It prevents urine spraying and scratching in cats. When they face their own facial pheromone, they become more calm and stress free. Feliway spray helps to settle and calm cats in unknown or stressful environments such as cage, carrier basket, and car, moving to new place, holidays, or new companion. It reduces scratching, urinating and other behavioral issues due to stress and anxiety. Feliway spray is easy to spray and has no known side effects.

Feliway Spray for Dogs

Feliway Spray is a clinically proven formula for fighting stress in cats. It contains Synthetic analogue of the F3 fraction of feline facial pheromone. The pheromone is a synthetic copy of the familiarization of facial pheromone that cats use to mark objects in their environment. Feliway mimics cat natural pheromones and helps reduce stress-related behaviors. It helps to create and maintain a state of well being and calmness. The non-toxic and odorless solution is safe and even beneficial for sick and aged pets.


Synthetic analogue of the F3 fraction of feline facial pheromone



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12 Oct ,2018

Good results

very helpful in preventing urine marking behavior of my new rescued cat named Jackson


16 Apr ,2018

Feliway for Cat

Excellent Product



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