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Adaptil Spray – Calming Spray for Dogs

Adaptil Spray is a special dog appeasing pheromone spray that helps stop or prevent fear and stress-related behavior in puppies and adult dogs. The odorless spray comforts and supports dogs and puppies in stressful conditions. It helps reduce stress and anxiety during various challenging situations like travelling, vet visits, fireworks, and loud noises, thunderstorms, moving to new house and staying at home alone. The scientifically proven formula provides comforting effect on both dogs and puppies. Adaptil Spray is safe and supports training and socialization of your dog. The topical solution also helps to control behavioral issues in dogs.

Adaptil Spray for Dogs

Adaptil contains synthetic pheromones – a mimic of natural appeasing pheromones. Lactating female dogs release substance called appeasing pheromones. The function of this substance is to reassure the offspring about the safe environment. The pheromones calm the dogs during stressful conditions and provide reassurance. Adaptil spray relaxes your dog and lowers stress during various challenging situations. Adaptil Spray comes in easy to spray bottle and is highly useful for dogs with anxiety.


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20 Feb ,2020

Good boy

Turner is turning into a good boy starting this treatment.


29 Aug ,2018

Highly Helpful during travelling

The spray has helped reduce the fear and stress which my dog Toby had to earlier battle whenever out on a vacation with us. This makes me very happy!

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Adaptil Spray

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