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Skin and Itch Relief For Dogs/Cats

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HomeoPet Skin & Itch – Homeopathic Skin and Itch Treatment for Dogs and Cats

HomeoPet Skin and Itch is a natural water-based formulation for treating various seasonal and skin allergies in dogs and cats. Pets face multiple skin conditions due to season change or allergens. HomeoPet Skin and Itch remedy helps in treating the allergies and improves their skin condition. It not only aids externally but also works externally for enhancing the skin and coat sheen and texture. The natural remedy reduces itching, rashes, chewing, gnawing, hair loss, biting and skin irritation in dogs and cats. The preventive measure helps in controlling allergic conditions due to pollen, grass and house dust allergens. It prevents conditions due to airborne allergies and seasonal allergies. Homeopathic treatment is always safe and any species of dogs and cats as well as completely reliable for various skin conditions.

HomeoPet Skin and Itch Treatment for Cats & Dogs

HomeoPet Skin and Itch is an ideal skin treatment. The oral solution contains major natural ingredients such as Pulex Irritans, Rhus Toxicodendron, Urtica, Graphites, Staphysagria, Sulphur, and USP Alcohol in Purified Water. The various ingredients work against various skin problems and help in healing the conditions. The natural remedy treats pet’s symptoms like constant scratching, biting, licking, chewing and gnawing. It aids in faster healing and prevents further damage of skin in dogs and cats.


Pulex Irritans, Rhus Toxicodendron, Urtica, Graphites, Staphysagria, Sulphur, USP Alcohol in Purified Water



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22 Oct ,2018

really helpful

It is a very helpful product when it comes to skin allergies.


12 Sep ,2018

Treats scratching, itching, gnawing and hair loss

My dog Danny had developed a tendency to scratch quite frequently due to itching in different parts of his body. This product has helped in addressing the issue as well as curbing the problem of hair loss which he was battling. Thank You!

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Skin and Itch Relief

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