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Coximed for Pigeons (100 Tablets)

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Coximed Tablets – Treatment for Coccidiosis in Pigeons

Coximed is a specially formulated single treatment for birds, pigeons and raptors infected with Coccidiosis. It is a type of microscopic parasite infection affecting the small intestine in birds. It is highly beneficial in treatment and prevention of coccidiosis disease in pigeons. Coximed is recommended for treating youngsters after weaning to prevent the infection. The double strength tablet provides best results when used alternatively with Medicox to help control resistance build-up. The single dose treatment is highly cost-effective and safe for use in young and adult pigeons.

Coximed for Birds

Coximed is single dose treatment for pigeons and raptors. It contains the key ingredient – Diclazuril. The component is the safest and most effective in treating Coccidiosis in pigeons and raptors. One tablet dose is sufficient in treating 98% cases of Coccidiosis. It is highly effective and safe for use in pigeons and raptors too.





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30 Nov ,2018

Best product

best product and cheap prices. At my local store, the same product cost me double. Would recommend if you are looking for cheap rates.


21 Jun ,2018

Very Good Product

Builds strength in birds. I have used it on my bird and found good results.

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