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Pet Dent Oral Gel – Dental Gel for Dogs and Cats

Pet Dent Oral Gel is a special formulation for keeping dog/cat’s mouth clean and fresh. It aids in the prevention of dental diseases by eliminating bacteria in the mouth. It controls formation of plaque and tartar. The oral gel reduces the chances of discoloration of teeth and enhances teeth shine. Pet Dent Oral Gel stays for longer time and prevents bacterial growth. It stops bad breath and keeps mouth fresh. It is highly recommended to use after scaling for prevention of bacterial growth and healing process. The oral gel is safe and has non-known side effects on dogs and cats.

Pet Dent Oral Gel for Dogs and Cats

Pet Dent Oral Gel is a gel-based mouth cleaning treatment. It contains two potent ingredients - Chlorhexidine gluconate and Zinc gluconate. The active ingredient Chlohexidine attacks bacteria in mouth to prevent gum diseases whereas the other ingredient Zinc aids in the healing process. The active ingredients stay in the mouth for longer period and prevent bacterial attack. It stops bacterial growth and controls dental diseases. The gel based teeth cleaning product is easy to apply and readily accepted by dogs and cats.


Chlorhexidine gluconate, Zinc gluconate


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Jun 15, 2020

All goood

I have a 12-year-old cat, and well, this gel looks after her dental needs.


May 21, 2020

oral gel

quite easy to use and no spillage

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Pet Dent Oral Gel

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