Orovet Oral Rinse

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Orovet Oral Rinse for Dogs/Cats

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Orovet Oral Rinse –Dental Treatment for Dogs and Cats

Orovet Oral Rinse is a medicated dental formula for the treatment and prevention of various dental issues in dogs and cats. The rinse contains antiseptic properties that help in preventing bacterial formation and infection after oral surgery. It freshens up breath and controls gingivitis. The oral rinse prevents tartar and plaque buildup. It is effective in reducing the risk of periodontal issues due to tartar and plaque formation. Orovet Oral rinse, when used regularly, helps in maintaining oral hygiene.

Orovet Oral Rinse for Dogs and Cats

Orovet Oral Rinse is a special dental formula for dogs and cats. It contains Chlorhexadine saccharine and Methylcellulose as active ingredients. These essential components bind to the oral mucosa and skin, and remain in mouth for longer period. The ingredients help in healing oral cavity after dental surgery reducing the risk of infections due to bacteria. The oral spray formula lowers the gum inflammation and aids in controlling further infection. Orovet comes in spray bottle for easy application.


Chlorhexadine saccharine, Methylcellulose



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25 Nov ,2018

Great service

Great service Good product, reasonable pricing.


20 Jun ,2018

Removes plaque

It is very beneficial in preventing plaque formation. Cleans any food remains quickly.

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Orovet Oral Rinse

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