Cleanaural Ear for Pet Hygiene

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Cleanaural Ear Cleaner For Cats

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Cleanaural Cat Ear Drops – Ear Cleaner Solution for Cats

Cleanaural is specially formulated for routine cleansing of ears. The clinically proven ear drops suit the delicate lining of the cat ear canal. Cleanaural helps in cleaning both infected and healthy ears of cats. It aids in the maintenance of ears in good condition. The ear drops removes debris and excess wax. The special ear drops loosen hard ear wax and aids in easy removal of excess wax. The pH balanced solution suits the delicate skin in the ear canal. Cleanaural can also be used alongside with topical antibiotics. The liquid formula is suitable for use in kittens and cats.

Cleanaural Cat Ear Cleaner Solution

Cleanaural is a perfectly designed ear cleansing solution for cats. The special formulation has active ingredients such as Glycerine, propylene glycol, water, polysorbate 80, chlorothymol, sodium stearate, sodium lauryl sulphate and citric acid. Glycerin softens wax and hydrates skin. It is an effective emollient agent. Propylene glycol dissolves wax, degreases and hydrates skin. Polysorbate 80 dissolves wax. Chlorothymol is a preservative. The two ingredients Sodium stearate and Sodium lauryl sulphate are cleansing agents and Citric acid aids in pH adjustment. Cleanaural comes in special designed bottle with flexible nozzle for easy application of solution into the ears of cats.

Manufacturer Dechra
  • Effective ear cleansing solution for both cats and kittens
  • Treats infected ears and maintains healthy ears
  • Rapidly softens hard ear wax and helps remove it
  • Removes debris
  • Ideal for regular use at home
  • Gentle on sensitive cat ears
  • Formulated separately for dogs and cats
  • pH balanced solution that adapts with sensitive ear canal
  • Carefully insert the nozzle of the bottle into the upper part of the ear canal.
  • Squeeze few drops liberally into the ear.
  • Massage the ear canal gently but thoroughly, working from the base upwards.
  • Allow your pet to shake excess solution from the ear then gently wipe away loosened wax and debris around the top of the ear, with cotton wool or similar.
  • Do not poke anything down the ear canal – particularly cotton buds – as this may cause damage.
  • Inspect the ear, and repeat if necessary.
  • Clean the other ear.

Glycerine, propylene glycol, water, polysorbate 80, chlorothymol, sodium stearate, sodium lauryl sulphate, citric acid

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • For veterinary use only. 
  • Store at room temperature.
  • Close the container properly after use.
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Cleanaural Ear for Pet Hygiene

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Good Product

Great Ear Cleaner Product That Helps Clear Ear Wax In Particular..Strongly Recommended......

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No Side Effects

I Am Using This For Two Years And My Furry Baby Has Never Faced Any Side Effects Due To This!

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Easy To Clean, My Kitty’s Ears Have No More Debris Or Wax And They Smell Good Too.

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First Time User

We Are Using This Ear Solution For The First Time And Can See The Results,

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Clean Ears

Clean Ears My Betty Has After Using This Ear Cleaner.

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