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Anxiety TFLN For Dog/Cat

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HomeoPet Anxiety TFLN for Dogs and Cats

HomeoPet Anxiety TFLN is a potent treatment for anxiety and stress in dogs and cats. In challenging situations like thunderstorms, loud noises, fireworks and festivals; pets tend to become anxious and stressful. Anxiety TFLN treatment reduces stress and anxiety in dogs and cats during such situations. It relaxes pets and keeps them calm and normal during such situations. A few drops of solution help maintain settled and normal behavior in the midst of difficult situations like gun shots or storms. The natural non-sedating formula is safe for dogs and cats.

HomeoPet Anxiety TFLN – Anxiety Treatment for Dogs and Cats

HomeoPet Anxiety TFLN is a calming remedy for frightened and anxious pets. It contains essential non-sedating natural ingredients such as Phosphorus, Rhododendron, Borax, Theridion & Chamomilla in purified water. The combined effect induces calming effect and helps animals to regain normalcy in challenging situations that create anxiety and stress in them. The oral treatment is easy to dose and can be given throughout the day if multiple storms or stressful situations occur.


Phosphorus, Rhododendron, Borax, Theridion, Chamomilla



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Jun 15, 2020

Super Helpful

During thunderstorm, this stuff is quite helpful, keeps our pug super cool.


May 10, 2020


seems it is helping my dog in quarantine time also

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Anxiety TFLN

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