Things To Do During National Dog Week

If you’re a pet lover or a pet-parent, then you can completely relate to the fact that every day spent with your furry pal is a celebration. This goes without saying because pets add some extra spark in our ordinary lives. Therefore, we as pet parents are equally responsible to keep our pup happy and healthy.  Thus, National Dog Week is a celebration of dogs, what they mean to people, and the ongoing task of improving life for all dogs. National Dog Week was initiated in 1928 when a World War I Veteran and canine advocate-Captain Judy decided that a weeklong celebration was a thing that could be done to recognize the service and loyalty of man’s best friend.

National Dog Week is celebrated over the fourth week of September every year. The celebration includes events, activities, volunteer assistance programs, and adoption drives. So, National Dog Week being more than just ordinary holidays, it’s something much more to celebrate with your pet. Here are the following ways to make the most of the pet holidays.

Playtime Is All Fun

Every pet-parent will agree that their pup loves to play, and if allowed, they can play all day. So, why not make the holidays memorable by playing interesting games with your pet every day. You can start with games like hide and seek, play fetch, do some cardio twist, or let your pup be a painter for a day. In short, the aim is to keep your pet entertained and engaged.

Bake Some Treats

If you’re an expert cook or trying to hone your cooking skills, this is the best time to bake some treats for your buddy. Therefore, instead of buying treats from pet stores, why not bake them at home. Moreover, homemade treats are much healthier and your pup will be so much happy to try something different.

Adopt A Pup

One of the best ways to honor National Dog Week is to adopt a dog and give him a home that he needs. Your life really does change once you have a dog, and for the better! However, bringing a dog into the family is not for everyone and you may feel that you are not at the stage in your life, whereby this is right for you. So, plan in prior and get your bundle of joy at home to get the best companionship in the world.

Volunteer In A Shelter

National Dog Week comes with many events so to help the shelters get some ease you can volunteer your services. Just call the local shelter and ask them what they need and how you can help them. It could be anything that includes managing the public at the event, help socializing the dogs or help walking the dog. If you run out of time to volunteer at a shelter home then you can also provide pet care supplies that an organization needs.

Above all, whatever you do, take time this week to show your dog how much you love him; after all, the most loyal thing in the world is your pup.