How To Prevent Pet Obesity?

We know you love your pets more than anything and always want to feed them all the tasty treats. However, those same treats could deteriorate your pet’s health. An unhealthy diet always leads to weight gain in pets, which can further have an adverse effect on their body. Obesity in pets has increased drastically over the years. So, to spread awareness about this cause, October 10th is dedicated to Pet Obesity Awareness Day. Pet obesity can cause various health issues, which are listed below –

  • Joint health issues: The most common illness is weak joints and tendons due to obesity as the muscles can’t carry so much weight. Thus it reduces the mobility of your pet.
  • Lethargic behavior: With an increase in weight, the dog will get more and more lethargic. He won’t be interested in evening walks anymore.
  • Depression and mental health issues: Weight gain could also lead to depression in pets as they won’t be able to function in a normal way thus, it can impact their mental health as well.
  • Decreased lifespan: Yes, obesity also reduces the lifespan as it gives way to various health issues.

So, to keep your furry companion fit and fine, ensure you follow these tips.

Cut Down On Treats

Treats are definitely tasty and most pets would gobble any treat you give them. But, if you don’t want your buddy to get obese, you need to reduce the number of treats you give to the pet. Don’t hand out treats every now and then. Instead, wait for the moment when your pet does something remarkable and behaves like a good boy. Then the reward will be worthwhile and your pet will have to work for it.

No Table Scraps

We often feed table scraps to our pets, and now it’s time to put a halt on that habit. The food we eat is loaded with grease and fats, which can result in upset stomachs in pets. Moreover, some human foods are also toxic for pets so it’s vital to only feed them pet food.

Exercise Your Pet

We know that these days everyone is staying at home, however, ensure you inculcate a habit of the workout so your pet remains physically active. You can either take your pet for a night stroll or better yet, play indoor games such as fetch, treasure hunt, etc. These little activities will keep your furry companion in good health and maintain their weight as well.

Maintain Healthy weight

Check your pet’s body frequently to see if he has gained any weight. The easiest way to do this is to look for three points –

  • Ensure you can feel your pet’s ribs easily.
  • When you look at your pet from above, you should be able to see his waist.
  • While watching from the side, the stomach should not be sagging.

Add Supplements To The Diet

If you’re concerned about your pet’s joint health and overall health, you can add supplements to his diet. Pets don’t usually get all the vitamins and nutrients from their diet so it becomes imperative to add supplements. DiscountPetCare offers a wide range of pet products that are offered at affordable rates and with free shipping as well.

So, now that you know about the repercussions of obesity in pets, we hope you’ll follow these points to keep your furry buddy in great health.