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Malacetic Shampoo For Dogs

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Malacetic Shampoo – Topical Skin Treatment for Dogs and Cats

Malacetic Shampoo is a topical treatment for mild bacterial and fungal skin conditions in dogs and cats. The preservative free shampoo treats seborrhea and other skin problems where medicated shampoo is beneficial. The crystal clear shampoo cleanses skin and hair. It removes dirt as well as is effective against bacterial skin infections. The soapless formula is gentle on skin and prevents further infections. It is 100% safe as made from natural ingredients.

Malacetic Shampoo for Dogs and Cats

Malacetic Shampoo is a scientific formula for skin care dogs and cats. It contains two cleansing agents – Boric acid and Acetic acid. These agents gently cleanse the skin and fur without irritating the skin. It leaves pleasant and refreshing skin and hair. The ingredients act in treating fungal and bacterial infections in dogs and cats.


Acetic acid, Boric acid



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22 Oct ,2018

Awesome shampoo

The quality of my dog Ryan's furr has increased from the day I have started using this shampoo on Ryan.


15 Jun ,2018

Very good for fungal infection

My dog had developed skin rashes. After I consulted the vet i was told it's a fungal infection. He gave some medicines and asked me to use this shampoo. This shampoo has really turned out very good. His rashes are gone and the fur has become extremely soft.

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Malacetic Shampoo

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