SeaFlex Joint Function for Dogs

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SeaFlex Joint Function for Dogs 450 gm (30 Sticks)

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Seaflex Joint Supplement - Joint Function Health Supplement for Dogs

Seaflex Joint Supplement is a patented formulation joint supplement for dogs. The oral supplement improves mobility in dogs. The unique formula supports vitality and energy in dogs. The revolutionary bio-marine nutritional supplement provides essential nutrients for optimal joint health. Enriched with antioxidants, the marine based supplement enhances coat and skin health. It improves sheen and smoothness of coat and skin. The joint supplement is specially recommended for young dogs suffering with joint issues. Seaflex joint supplement is the best supplement for senior dogs.

Seaflex Joint Supplement for Dogs

Seaflex Joint Function is a special treat formulation for joint health in dogs. Its one-of-the-kind supplement that is formulated using a patented process that keeps ingredients stable. Thus, the ingredients retain the high quality nutritional value and increased synergistic action with the vitamins and minerals. The supplement helps to support joint framework as well as helps improves skin and coat condition.


Fresh chicken and Australian poultry meals, Fish meal, Whole grains and rice, Soy flour, Shrimp, Honey, Kelp, Flax seed (for Omega 3 Fatty Acids)


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15 Jun ,2018

Safe for regular use

Have been using it since so long. It has definitely improved my pet's agility.


25 May ,2018

Very good for dogs with stiff joints

I have a 4 year old boxer who is very prone to ligament injuries. I have been giving Seaflex to my dog to relieve his stiff joints. 3 weeks after his knee replacement he is recovering pretty fast. I will definitely give credits to my amazing vet and Seaflex.

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SeaFlex Joint Function for Dogs

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