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Seaflex Joint Function Supplement for Cats

Seaflex Joint Supplement is an ultimate joint health treatment for senior cats. The revolutionary product shows fast result and improves mobility in cats. The bio-marine nutritional supplement supports joint health as well as skin health. The added ingredients support heart health and enhance skin and coat health. Loaded with antioxidants and other various nutrients, Seaflex supplement helps improve overall health and wellbeing. Seaflex joint supplement is a chewable treat formulation, which is highly accepted by cats especially the fussy cats or cats resistant to tablets or powder.

Seaflex Joint Supplement for Cats

Seaflex Joint Function supplement is a unique formulation for cats. The scientifically designed product is rich in major ingredients including antioxidants, marine carotenoids, amino acids, marine trace minerals, branched-chain fatty acids, high levels of vitamins and minerals, seaweeds/sea vegetables, as well as a unique and patented deep, cold water source of marine nutrients. This unique blend of marine nutrients, vitamins and minerals supports the structural framework of joints as well as aids skin and coat health condition.


Fresh chicken and Australian poultry meals, Fish meal, Whole grains and rice, Soy flour, Shrimp, Honey, Kelp, Flax seed (for Omega 3 Fatty Acids)


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15 Jun ,2018

Best Supplement For mobility Till Date

Have used many products on my kitty to relieve her painful joints but none seemed to work like this one. His gait has improved drastically.


28 May ,2018


Works as claimed. My cat really has improvement in her condition.

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SeaFlex Joint Function

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