Ultrum Ultimate Long-Acting Spray

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Ultrum Ultimate Long-Acting Spray for Dogs

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Ultrum Ultimate Spray – Topical Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs

Ultrum Ultimate Spray is highly effective in treating flea and tick infestation. The spray treatment kills 100% fleas within 24 hours. It removes ticks on contact. The spray has a long lasting action that stays up to 4 weeks. It is effective in eliminating flea eggs and larvae. The spray has over 3 months killing activity against flea life stages. The Ultrum Ultimate Spray is safe to use for dogs and puppies over 7 weeks of age.

Ultrum Ultimate Spray for Dogs

Ultrum Ultimate Spray is a special spray for dogs. This flea and tick spray contains permethrin, es-bioallethrin, piperonyl butoxide and pyriproxifen. The active ingredients kill fleas and ticks on contact. The active ingredient attacks nervous system of parasites and ultimately removes them. The insect growth regulator agent sterilizes the eggs and larvae and stops the development. It prevents recurring flea and tick infestation. The spray treatment is safe and can be used regularly.


Permethrin, Es-bioallethrin, Pyriproxifen, Piperonyl butoxide


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12 Jun ,2018

Good Product

I often spray it on my pet whenever we go out on a stroll. This product keeps him safe from fleas.


10 May ,2018

Long lasting

Never knew a spray could be so long lasting and equally powerful to ward off ticks. Kills them super fast.

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Ultrum Ultimate Long-Acting Spray

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