Cookie Policy


A cookie is a small piece of information (a code) that is sent by our website to your computer as and when you visit our website. It enables the users’ access to customized information from our site. They are thus designed to provide an effortless and uncomplicated user experience by recording your preferences and likes while using our site.

Although cookies recognize the user while he/she navigates through the website, it doesn’t link the associated information with the name of the user thus protecting the personally identifiable data of the user. Your identity is completely secured, as each time you log in to the server a cookie takes you as a different user, altogether.

What Information Do We Collect?

Our cookies help identify the user’s first name, last name, email address, billing address and shipping address solely for transaction purposes. We do not save any confidential data of the customer cookies for a secure business arrangement.

What Purpose Are They Used For?
  • We use cookies for the administration of our site. It allows us to effectively operate our website to make it more user-friendly.
  • To give you suitable suggestions according to your search on the website.
  • To count the number of visitors on our website to gauge the traffic.
  • For marketing, to apprise the customer about the latest offers and deals.
  • For completing the transactions.
  • For email communications
  • To provide assistance to users for any website or transaction-related issues.
  • For the research and development of our site to improve the performance of our site.

Accepting a cookie is a voluntary function which can be set using the browser settings. In case the user doesn’t wish to accept the cookies, he/she can adjust the browser settings accordingly. It’s recommended to allow cookies for the user to get maximum advantage from our website. It allows you the most optimum browsing experience.

Types of Cookies Used?

Analytical or Performance cookies

Functional cookies

Targeting cookies

Please Note: Third Parties like advertising networks or social media sites may use performance/analytical or targeting cookies over which we exercise zero control.

To learn more about cookies, please contact us.

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